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We left Belize for Flores in Guatemala for a few days. It was really hot! And a bit wet. Beth decided it was time to blow the budget and get a nice hotel for once!

Flores is really nice, the town is on an island in Lago Petén Itza, a big freshwater lake, linked to the mainland by a manmade causeway. It has a slight Mediterranean feel, probably due to the Spanish colonisation of Guatemala back in the day. We found the Guatemalans really friendly, even though our Spanish is really rubbish.

The main reason we came here was to go to Tikal, a big site of Mayan ruins. We woke up early doors at 4am for the hour bus journey, mainly to avoid the heat and other tourists. The ruins are in the jungle, very Indiana Jones! We were surprised how much we enjoyed it. Most of the ruins there haven’t yet been excavated yet, so the city must have been massive. They must have enjoyed sacrificing folks because they had loads of ceremonial blocks to do it on. Even when they played ball games the winners were sacrificed as a sign of honour! Apparently that’s why Guatemala never competes at the World Cup. We got to climb some of the temples, with Temple IV the biggest with amazing views over the jungle.

For the rest of our time in Flores, we checked out the markets in Santa Elena and the lake.

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