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View from the campsite

Our spot

On the way to Verdi we stopped at Beacon Truck Wash and had the rig washed and put rainex on it. Looks spiffy. How long will it last?

Used to be Terrible's but now the campground is Gold Ranch RV Resort and the fees match the title. Oh well. Site is level and place is pretty. We are right next to another HitchHiker just like ours, a little newer and with the 5th slide. Folks are from Roseville. I had hoped to get a picture of both RVs but they left early in the morning.

We wanted to watch Jeopardy but about half way through, there was some rain, a little thunder and zap, the power went out. Richard cranked up the generator. We thought we were in FL. About 1.5 hours later the power came back on so we knew we were not.

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