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Fat Man's Misery

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Tom under the bridge

Back down the mountain - really a ill

POP QUIZ Read and answer each question before going to the next.

True or False:

1. The clutch on the truck gave out and we had to get it towed to a small independent mechanic in a small town.

2. There was no car rental within 30 miles so Tom rented a U-Haul moving tuck so we could drive to a bigger town and rent a car and then drive the truck back to U-Haul.

3. Our reserved campsite was reserved and we had to change sites but without the truck we were stuck but then the park owner stepped in and pulled the trailer to another site.

4. In the process of the move to a new site Rio the cat was put in his crate and in transporting him to the rental car his thrashing around separated the bottom from the top and he fell to the ground, ran straight for the wood and started down a steep slope to the creek.

5. Tom was making his way to the creek and at the same time I was calling from the edge of the woods and Rio the cat burrowed into the leaves and let me pick him up.

6. Tom and Pam and Rio the cat are fine.

The answer to all of that is TRUE…TRUE…TRUE

The trip from Columbus, OH to Stanton, KY was uneventful. We had easy driving, an easy site to back into and were settled in pretty quickly. Our plan was to arrive on Sunday and leave on Thursday. Plan is a 4-letter word…….

Stanton is on the edge of the Daniel Boone National Forest and we were planning to see the Red River Gorge, which is a major hiking, backpacking and geological area. So on Monday we headed out and thoroughly enjoyed the drive, the visitor center, a couple of hikes to see arches and waterfalls. Arches National Park in Utah has many more arches surrounded by sand, mesquite and other arches. This area is a dense, hilly forest and once in a while you get a glimpse of an arch through the trees. This Red River is bigger than the Red River in NM. We have to select our hikes carefully due to breathing issues so there was much more to see if you can hike.

Tuesday morning Tom went out to move the truck…and he thought the clutch was not working properly. He checked some stuff and then went to take a little evaluation drive and there was NO CLUTCH. Tuesday was spent getting towed, renting, driving, renting and driving. The mechanic had to order parts so we were hoping for Friday but knew it might mean Monday because they are closed on weekends.

Rio was traumatized so he was in hiding most of Tuesday. On Wednesday we took a ride over to Winchester, KY to see the stone fences that are being preserved in the area. That was quite cool. Oh and there was a stop at Walmart and Dairy Queen. Thursday was moving day so we did not do anything else – got the word the part did not come in so made plans to stay through Monday. Gloom and doom took hold for a couple of hours and then we started over again with a plan.

Friday we went to DQ and Tom made a birthday dinner of grilled pork chops, mashed potatoes and broccoli. I read a book and Tom worked on the calendar page for the family calendar. I got calls from Patrick, Timothy and Ciara. It was a very fine day.

Natural Bridge Resort Park is Kentucky state park. It was really close and the time we spent there was great. We rode the sky lift up 600 feet and then hiked to the top of Natural Bridge and then to the area underneath the bridge. Remember Fat Man’s Misery from Mammoth Caves? They have one to at this state park although it was not underground. The park is a very popular hiking and camping destination and it was crowded – not too crowded but noticeable. The colors were bright and the weather great for our day.

The office manager at the mechanic shop did not have a clue about what was going on, but she made the info she gave us sound real. There was no part on Monday. Tuesday she told us the part would be there Wednesday morning and they would get on it. Tuesday afternoon, just before she left the office, she called and left a message (phone was somewhere else) to call her back. Tom called but she was gone. We had to wait until Wednesday morning and she told us the truck was ready. We went to pick it up but they don’t take credit cards, we don’t carry a checkbook and that much cash is more than we would ever carry. So we had to drive back to the trailer, go back to the mechanic, check out the truck and return the rental car, and then drive back to get ready to leave. On the way back we did some more sightseeing and color viewing.

Kentucky is a beautiful place. But we were there 7 nights longer than we intended. We had a “problem” but we dealt with it with no anger, desperation or moodiness (except for the shared gloomy periods done in individual quietness) .Our plan was to go to another spot in Western Kentucky but we are heading to Nashville (4 nights) and then Memphis (3 nights) and then a steady pace home.

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