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Weather has continued to be real nice (a south Carolina “cool” 50ish in the morning and 75-80 during the day).

We brought our car (the one we will tow behind the motor home) up to Conway for new tires. They were getting close to needing replacement anyway, but the nail we found in one of them made us decide on replacement now. Another one of those unexpected moments where decisions are made for you kind of day. (Those of you with stock in Michelin should see a bonus this month… LOL)

We have made good progress on getting some things into the motor home. It is more time consuming process than we had imagined. With limited space, how one packs things and deciding on less to take along, are both considerations and we continue to make adjustments. I’m sure once we are on the road we will continue to make more adjustments.

Tom drove the motorhome over to Larry’s auto clinic, where it will be for a few days getting the usual service work done. “lube, oil, and filter changes” servicing the motorhome is significantly different compared to what’s done on a car!! While Larry has it there, he will also replace the (house batteries) these run the 12V systems and are used when we are not plugged in somewhere for power. We took the long way over to Larry’s via Farrow Parkway through the Market Common area. Tom kept it between the lines, he did very well with unmarked lane closure, where DOT was working in changing a traffic signal. It was a good confidence building trek for him.

We know it sounds like a lot of work, and it is, but we also have had time for the beach etc. Monday we had lunch with Larry & Suzette (some new to us rv friends we met in Essex VT this past summer). They are staying just down the road from us at a camp ground and we have another visit with them planned for tomorrow. Where they are is right on the beach, so it will be another day at the ocean (or as tom says, “our continuing research checking on the effects of global warming on ocean temps in the Myrtle Beach SC area ….”)

Last evening our friends from upstairs here at the condo took us out for dinner. It was our 19th anniversary, and the meal at Texas Roadhouse was awesome (as usual) and we had a wonderful evening visiting with Patty and Mel.

So we still seem to be on track for getting on the road for our winter adventure, leaving the MB area just after thanksgiving.

Hope all is well with our journal followers both family and friends…

Take care, stay tuned, more adventures to come.


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