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Kiama blowhole

Mom and me

Kiama blowhole try 2

Cate and i

The Daly family and home

CAB friends

Day 2 in New South Wales. We slept in a bit longer than maybe we expected, but that’s alright. Daniel was able to act as our morning tour guide as he took on and the scenic route down to Kiama. A cute little town with a black sand beach, a light house and a blowhole. Basically the blowhole is created by a hole in a cliff side, where waves crash in and up. The waves weren’t huge so we had to wait for a big one for a decent picture. We even went back a second time on the way home just to see if it had gotten bigger waves, no luck.

But, the ocean didn’t disappoint after all as in the distance we could see a pod of whales. Several breached, 4 or 4 flipped their tais. We weren’t close enough to see what kind of whales, and maybe only got a picture of a tail using my camera with a zoom. Will have to wait for development to see if the shot came out, I mostly got shots of water.

We had lunch in a lovely cafe in Kiama. Later afternoon was spent dog walking to school to pick up Emily and Zander, then board games and dinner. The Daly’s have a very big full closet of board games! Lovely way to spend time with friends!

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