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Land sighted


Sydney Harbour Bridge




The cliff road

Dinner with a view

We have successfully arrive upon the shores of Australia. Before meeting our friend Cate we had a couple hours to kill so felt the best thing was to head to the harbor and get pictures of the iconic Harbour Bridge and the Opera House.

We navigated the train system to and from the harbor and then to Sutherland station to meet Cate. With Cate we did a little site seeing from the car along the cliff drive. We also stopped a popular handglider spot, and saw 6 different gliders. Which by the way a Lawrence Hargrave invented. I also fell asleep halfway to Cates house.

We’re staying at Cates house for our couple nights here in Wollongong, spending time with her family and pets. To try and adjust to the time difference we decided to head out to dinner. We went to a spot with a great view of the ocean, and all shared a seafood boat, literally called the Trawler, and shaped like a boat. After a quick drive along the shore we headed back to the house, and again along the way I fell asleep. He he. A full nights sleep and I’ll be good for our next adventure

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