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Another busy couple of weekends this month, making the most of the little time I have left in this beautiful country.

Last weekend I popped back up to Auckand to see "Me first and the gimme gimmes" which was probably one of the best shows i've see in ages. The venue was pretty small and the crowd was such good fun and so friendly. Have definitely enjoyed the atmosphere at the live music things i've been to here, much more relaxed than things in the UK. Also took the opportunity whist up in Auckland to try a Giappo's ice-cream which is more of a work of art than a type of food.

Then this weekend was labour day weekend which is a 3 day weekend : )

Headed down to New Plymouth again to trek some of the Pouakai Circuit in Taranaki national park which is one of the "great walks" in New Zealand up and across the base of Mount Taranaki. It was 2 days of tough up and down walking with some pretty scary manoeuvring over rocks, boulders and landslides on a cliff edge and sometimes walking along paths no wider than the width of me so my adrenaline was certainly pumping at times. We had intended to do the full circuit which is about 14 hours walking over 2 days but by the time we got to the first hut about 4 hours into the first day, half the walking party had fallen an hour behind and there was no space at the hut 2 hours further on so we ended up staying at Holly Hut and walking back out the way we came in the next day (including walking back across the boomerang slip which was a bit hair raising).

Staying in the DOC hut was a new experience too. It's basically a wooden cabin with supposedly 32 spaces/mattresses for people to sleep on. There were at least 50 people there though plus those sleeping in tents outside who came into the hut to cook and eat so it was pretty crowded. I was lucky enough to get a mattress and even luckier that I got a spot on the end of the bunk so only had to sleep next to one other person (a half naked man i'd never met!). Unfortunately, with the mix of snoring, shouts from some people who had stayed up drinking and the young child talking in his sleep in my bunk, sleep pretty much evaded me so I was very glad of the coffee one of my fellow walkers had thought to pack. Sadly no hot showers to wake me up further, or flushing toilets so I had to hold my breath and steal myself for the well used long drop before we set off out of the park. It was pretty clean and non smelly luckily but still got an eyeful of the contents when lifting the lid, which I could easily have gone without seeing. Still, it all added to the experience.

We made it out of the park in about the same time as it took us to get to holly hut and I was very glad to kick my shoes off at the end and have a nice glass of wine. Aching a bit today after stiffening up on the 5 hour drive back to Tauranga but we incorporated a lunch break and leg stretch at the Fat Pigeon cafe in Pio Pio which was nice. I suspect I will sleep well tonight and ache even more in the morning but well worth it for the beautiful views of and from the mountain : )

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