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Day 27 - Saturday 7th October - Wittenborn, Germany

Moving West across Northern Germany today. Main features of the morning were the rain & all the red traffic lights that we met along the road. We did have one bit of fun at one point when the road was completely closed & we had to divert around along some pretty narrow back roads. Some very interesting moments as we were squeezed off the edge of the road by buses coming the other way.

We arrived at our selected camp site at midday, set up & had our lunch. It was still raining so we were deciding what to do for the afternoon when with a loud bang a branch broke off the tree we were under. Fortunately it missed us but hit the back of a Danish couples motorhome beside us. It wasn't a massive branch but could have done you a real nasty if it hit you. It broke the plastic bumper at the rear of their motorhome which is going to be expensive for them.

The lady from the camp office came & we moved both our motorhomes to a safer location away from the tree. As it was still raining & Elsie was looking very grubby I thought I might as well use the rain so out came the bucket & sponge & I gave her a good wash down. So after getting thoroughly wet myself it was time for a nice hot shower & listening to the rain whilst reading. No chance to get out & explore round the lake beside us.

Mileage Today - 101

Mileage To Date - 3,590

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