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ITHACA - This is Marty's house from across the pond

Nephew Thomas at his house near Cleveland

At the beach - not the ocean but Lake Erie just west...

A lookout building on the way to one of the Lake Erie...

Fog in downtown Cleveland from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Brandywine Falls, Cuyahoga National Park , Cleveland

What a city!! We arrived at the outskirts and “googled” our way to our campground about 25 miles south of Lake Erie. I am not going to go on about google maps for the moment. We are in a much wooded campground that is getting ready to close for the year so it is not too crowded and there is no noise. Well the train goes by but just a couple of times a day – in the daylight.

Cleveland has a lot of history tied to shipping because of Lake Erie. Power plants were built right at the shore au coal could be “dropped off”. Manufacturing was located on the lake so that supplies could be easily unloaded and put to use. Lake Erie has some pollutant issues and the beached had water quality caution signs. There were a few instances where water treatment plants were right along the lake. There are also lots of public marinas and parks along the lake. We saw some fishermen but I don’t know if they eat the fish they catch – since water quality…

Our great nephew Thomas is a student at Baldwin Wallace University and we were looking forward to seeing him since he wasn’t in Ithaca. Tom made a plan to meet up on Saturday evening to take him to dinner. Before making our way to get Thomas we checked out a couple little towns and we went to the grocery store. Google maps sent us on some indirect paths so when we left to see Thomas at his house. I turned off the navigation and found our way with just the map. It was direct, easy and much less stressful for me – I beat Google Maps. Thomas is a college junior, a member of the Ohio National Guard and an ROTC member. Oh and he plays varsity lacrosse for the school. He lives in a very tidy house with 5 of his teammates and the fellows we met were nice young men. Dinner was at a burger joint place that served great burgers and we had a wonderful time with Thomas.

On Sunday we drove up to Lake Erie. It was almost like standing at the ocean. The lake is 212 miles long, 57 miles at its widest, and 240 feet deep. It is big. We had a picnic lunch at a lakeside park and enjoyed listening to the water. We continued our journey into Cleveland proper. Driving through the historic district was a little tight with the pickup but very interesting. There are many old buildings and of course very tall new buildings.

Monday and we're going to go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. Yes, I have a music degree and I studied opera, German lieder, and art song but there's so much good music out there. So we set aside the whole day to go to the Hall and it was raining so it's a good place to be on a rainy day. I can't begin to say everything there is to do at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame but I can tell you that I sang along with Elvis ( I know many of his tunes), the Rolling Stones (Wild Horses) The Beatles (lots and lots) Queen, Mahalia Jackson, Bob Dylan and Jimmie Rodgers. My sons would not have been embarrassed that I was singing out loud because I kept it soft. But a couple of ladies joined in on Elvis’ “Wooden Heart”. You have to go if you are near Cleveland. We did not see the whole place. We saw what we wanted to see.

Tuesday we journeyed to Cuyahoga Valley National Park. It wanders through many villages and provides a lot of recreation for the local residents. Saw oodles of dogs, joggers and bicyclists. We did a bit of walking and had a picnic lunch at Brandywine Falls. One of the features of the park is the canal that used to carry goods from Akron to Cleveland and then on Lake Erie to the Erie Canal for delivery east. Very beautiful park and interesting history displays.

After 5 nights in the Cleveland area we were quite comfortable with getting around the area. It is now time to move on to Columbus, OH to see our friend Josh K. who is studying at Trinity Lutheran Seminary. Oh, and we will do a couple of other activities while we are there.

Note: This will only mean something to Martin family folks but as we were driving there was a man walking on the grass and Tom presumed was holding the leas of a dog, so he yelled “Crisco”. The man had his hands on a lawn mower. I am not sure where this happened but it did happen.

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