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Rainforest views

Gingers Creek Roadhouse

Gingers Creek Roadhouse

Fog lifting as we descend!

Mural at Wauchope

River mangroves at caravan park

Thursday 12 October 2017

The prediction of rain came true last night, and down it came from the early hours of the morning. Was nice to hear the sound of rain except for the fact that we were moving on this morning. The locals would be delighted with the rain, so we are not complaining.

By morning it was starting to ease, so we had a leisurely breakfast, finished packing in just a light mist, and were still on the road at 9am! Having a drive through site & being hooked up made things a bit easier.

Heading towards Wauchope has to be one of the prettiest drives through the valleys, and then into the rainforest - and all the bends! Spectacular scenery for the co-pilot, "concentration + " for the pilot!

After 82kms & over an hour on the road, we came across Gingers Creek Roadhouse. What a delightful sight! An old rustic bush setting that has acted as a food supply & half way stopover for travellers since the 1880's, supplying gold diggers, drovers, bullockys, bush rangers & Don & Pam. We soaked up the "rest stop", enjoyed the view & the wildlife before eventually moving on to complete over 300+ bends!

Our trek today took us from an elevation of 1067m to sea level, hence the bends and the slow trip!

We covered the 164 kms to Wauchope in three hours. So once again we were happy to have a longish break! Found the Timbertown Theme Park first, realising that we had been there before. A quick visit revealed we would not find any refreshments there, so after enquiries, we headed for the main town area. Found a lovely little cafe, and enjoyed sharing a steak sandwich. Had quite a rest there and a few smiles as we waited a long time for the food. The two ladies (one taking orders, one in the kitchen) were not exceptionally busy, but everyone was told that they could not start preparing their food for another half hour!! The wait was worth it, but not sure why the service was so slow.

Back on the road and out onto the highway for a much easier drive to South West Rocks, arriving around 3pm.

A nice cup of tea, a walk around the park and along the river and we called it a day!

Haven't been here before & chose this park in case it gets windy. Several fellow travellers have told us how bad it can get near the beach if the wind comes up, so decided to play it safe.

Will have a look around the area tomorrow which is supposed to be a lovely day, with rain due again on Saturday.

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