20,000 leagues under the sky, 2004- travel blog

Atkinson Clock Tower.

Sunset over KK.


Antarctica, Patagonia, Attacama, Macchu Pichu, Easter Island, Tahiti, Tibet, all places I've dreamed of visiting and made it to on this trip and now I can add Borneo to the list (and I've been here for nearly a day and it hasn't rained yet!)

I'm spoilt for choice of what to do here too, should I dive first or climb Kinabalu or maybe do a jungle trip, how about a visit to the Orangutangs or Probiscus Monkeys? One things for sure, Snake Island isn't on my itinerary.

Kota Kinabalu is actually a lot more Malaysian than I expected and could easily be on the mainland, the main smell is that of open sewers and Kretek cigarettes and it's difficult to walk anywhere as everyone drives everywhere - some people learn to park, Malaysians buy Four-wheel-drives.

I chose to dive first and did a couple of dives in the local marine reserve off the coast of KK. The diving was fairly average but I did see a Giant Cuttlefish which sort of made up for the lack of other fish. Forgot what I said about rain, I went into a supermarket in sunshine and came out to a torrential downpour, I was stuck there for nearly an hour before it eased off. According to my empirical data that still makes England and Brazil the least rainy countries in the world!

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