2017 Trip East to see the Colors travel blog

The beginning at the pit

Tom in the water - keep those shoes dry

Tom back on dry land

A new friend

Tom’s sister Marty and her husband, daughter, and 3 grandsons live in Slaterville Springs, which is about 8 miles east of Ithaca. We were excited to spend time with Marty et al and very blessed to see our niece and 2 of her sons every day (her 3rd son is a student at Baldwin Wallace University near Cleveland). Their part of the world is beautiful and the fall colors were starting to burst. Kim and Marty have a wonderful house right next to a great pond. We enjoyed sitting on the porch and watching birds. A blue heron and a kingfisher were the stars. Some folks had wine.

Marty spoiled us - cooking great meals. There is a Wegmans in Ithaca and that was a top tier destination for Marty, Tom and I. If you ever have the chance to experience a Wegmans store – don’t miss it. We bought ribs so Tom could make smoked BBQ ribs, tater tots and cole slaw for dinner. I bought cheese cake for dessert – enough so that I knew we would not run out.

Tom took the opportunity to go out on the 4-wheelers to tour the woods near a gravel pit Marty and Kim own. Tom had a great time and marveled at their dog, Red Dog (who jumps in a pond every chance he has – Labrador), who kept up on foot and fast. I went with Marty to turn in the recycling items at the facility in Ithaca and then we went to the dairy store at Cornell University and had the best ice cream I have ever had. It was smooth and so creamy. I had blackberry and Bavarian blackberry fudge. Yes – that is 2 scoops. It could easily have been more but I refrained from going back for seconds – there was still some cheesecake at Marty’s.

Heidi, our niece, not only keeps up with 2 high schoolers but is also a bee keeper. Tom is very keen on bees since he worked with his dad when he was growing up. We went over to her house (spitting distance) to see the hives and Heidi opened them up – very interesting and in need of being emptied soon. She had her smoker and she and Tom were taking out trays and checking the “product”. I was standing 6-8 feet back and a bee started buzzing around me and then it got in my hair. I could not get it out and I could not get Heidi and Tom to stop talking and come help me. By the time I had their attention the bee got down to my scalp and stung me. IT HURT!!! I think it could have been prevented with a little help but those bees are attention grabbers. Heidi did get the bee out and proceeded to get me some ice – all was well by the next morning.

We did several chores with the help of Marty and Kim. We got the oil changed on the pickup, got a new tire for the trailer, got our flu shots, filled propane tanks and got some medical lab work done. While on the journey with Kim to get a tire for the trailer we stopped to see his flock pf pet geese and we got to stop in at a machine shop owned by a friend of Kim’s. The back part of the shop is run by steam with tools from the late 19th and early, early 20th century. It was so cool ;). I felt like I was in a PBS special. He turned the steam on and started up the engine, which runs all sorts of tools using pulleys and gears. It was also very quiet and while it takes a little longer to get a job done you can see the pleasure he gets from using the old tools.

Unfortunately we didn’t take pictures - too busy yakking and running around. I could on about tons of other stuff but I am going to stop and I will see you in Cleveland, OH.

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