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Day 26 - Friday 6th October - Rostock, Germany

The rain had stopped by morning so we set off around the harbour to visit the U-Boot Museum & the Historic Technical Museum. The U-Boot Museum was simply an old black Russian Submarine which is tied up alongside the quay & you get to clamber your way through from one end to the other. Interesting enough but a bit grubby with a few mannequin figures dressed in sailors uniforms lurking in the shadows.

I went on to the nearby Historic Technical Museum to see the displays of the V1 & V2 rockets. Peenemunde was apparently where the bulk of the development of the rocket technology took place. After the War the scientists here were carry on their work mainly in the USA which then led on to the Space Race & the Lunar Landings.

The morning was gone by the time we hit the road again & headed West towards Rostock, our next stop. A bit of fun along the way when we were diverted off the main road & had to make our way along some rather narrow country roads with diverted traffic coming the other way as well. After a number of very tight squeezes, especially with a bus, we made it back to the main road & were on our way again.

At least the rain showers had stopped by the time we got to Rostock. We tried one 24 hr car park on the riverside but after consulting our various motorhome Apps we moved round to the other side of the river & parked up at a disused ferry terminal car park with another motorhome. A lovely view out over the river & it was free.

Mileage Today - 113

Mileage To Date - 3,489

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