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Pretty little park in Bailey's Harbor

Love this bench in the park

Off to see the lighthouse

Cana Island lighthouse

OMG, one moved!!

Yep, they're real!

They do a great job of keeping that roof mowed

The harbor at Sister Bay

Ferry to Washington Island

Tom feeds the ducks

The weather here is like being on a roller coaster: one day is bright and sunny and the next is gray and wet. Today we got the good one. We went up the east coast of the penninsula through Sturgeon Bay (actually all roads go through Sturgeon Bay), then Bailey's Harbor and then (because the highway was closed) along the shore road that would lead back to the west side. Good thing we did as we stopped at Cana Island lighthouse for a fun tour. It sits on a tiny island that is connected to the "mainland" by a strip of land that was under about six inches of water. They take people across in a wooden wagon pulled by a tractor. Once on the island, you can just tour the lighthouse keeper's house, which has been restored to its long-ago condition, or you can also climb the tower, which we opted not to do. Fun as well as informative.

We wandered back to the main road finally and on up to Sister Bay for a great lunch. In order to walk some of the off, we went on down the main street and came upon a sight I've never seen before. There is a Scandinavian restaurant/gift shop that had what I first thought was a row of stuffed goats perched on the peak of the green roof -- until one moved! Turns out there are a number of goats that like to hang out on the grass-covered roof. There is a mound that goes up to the back side of the building so the goats go up and down by themselves whenever they want. It's quite an attraction.

After reluctantly tearing myself away, we drove on up the coast to the very end of the road where you can catch a ferry to Washington Island but, since some people on our "tractor tour" said there really wasn't anything there, we opted to turn around and head back to the "ranch" after stopping for a bit of ice cream at a cute little place next to a pond where you can feed the ducks (and the ducks make sure you do!).

But I know I have to go see those goats one more time before we leave.

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