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On the way



a house on the way



on the way ruins

Aguas Caliente


Church at the center


We are hiking that before Machu Picchu tomorrow, what am I thinking

the start



Up you go bitch



Aguas from up high

a far ridge

The bus road to Manchu Picchu

the name of the mountian we just climbed

Manchu Pichu

Manchu Picchu

Manchu Picchu

Come the f' on - AMAZING

parts of the whole


damn my man

the kid the road



Wayna Picchu






Aguas distant

a festival in front of our hotle the night before we are...

Okay so the train mutiny to Aguas finally settled and Meike and I arrive in the morning to try and catch the hot springs. So we wonder into the iPeru office where the lady working there was some happy to see a person or maybe a gringo, not sure which or maybe it was it was to practice her English. Regardless all hope smashed again friends, yes you're lucky day they were being cleaned. Nice to know they clean them but not when we're there damnit. But as an alternative she tells us about a trek that will give us a great view of Manchu Picchu, and she points to this huge mountain out of the window, 'it only takes a few hours, two up and two back.' Ahhh not so sure, maybe. Thanks lady peace out. So Meike and I return to the hostal and decide fuck it we're reluctantly in and we're gonna go for it. So we walk along the railroad tracks to the stairs, ah more stairs, oh and we're not as high up as Pisaq but we are high. So up we go and immediately Meike is not sure if she'll make it, especially after we meet a few people that got part the way there and turned around. But upward and onward, huff and puff push the ackey knees my friend march that ass, slow and steady. The views were amazing looking back at Aguas Caliente and the surrounding the mountains as we basically went straight up and actually when we got to the latters we went straight up. The trek only took me about an hour and it was not easy when I finally reached the top but the view was amazing, I mean just splendid. At the top I met another German traveler, Sven, and when Meike arrived they got their German on. I snapped pics. Then the return voyage back down the hill consisted of chatting about the state of the world and what ever one did. Sven told us where he had visited and then we made dinner plans and discussed the Manchu Picchu attack for the early morning departure but he was going to take the first bus and we we're walk so we agreed to meet inside the ruins. It was a restless night with only a few hours of sleep, there was a creepy kids beauty pageant in front of our hostal so that was comforting and loud. And morning came slowly but arrived.

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