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We have had an amazing week in Arizona. The highlight was, of course, the Grand Canyon. Day one, as reported, was a visit to the South Rim and its views and a tour of the Village. Day Two included walking the Rim Trail through the Village and taking the Shuttle bus out west to Hermit's Rest, stopping a various vistas and walking the Rim Trail in that area. Truly it was a RIM trail - one misstep and it is 1,000 feet to the next piece of earth. No high fence, either. Be careful or else! Day Three was our exit day and we drove to the vistas along the Desert Trail covering 23 miles east of the Village. Again, viewpoints too amazing for words. We wanted to sit for an hour at each turnout, but then, we would still be there.

At many locations we struck up conversations with other tourists. Some, amazed at how far we have traveled, asked which was our best stop. There is no best stop. Each offers its own unique perspective on this continent and the people who have journeyed here. In its own way, each is AMAZING.

Leaving the National Park via the east entrance we stopped at another Pueblo community and the site of a volcano that erupted only 900 years ago. The night was spent in Flagstaff, again on Route 66. Leaving town, we stopped at another Pueblo community, nearly one hundred homes carved into soft layers of sandstone in the cliffs above Walnut Creek. WOW! It is amazing how the ancients built homes as the terrain gave them opportunity.

Today we drove over 100 miles of flat, near-desert terrain. Where four-lane I-40 cuts a smooth and swift path today, Route 66 provided two-lanes without services. Amazing people traveled here less than 100 years ago.

Tomorrow after church we plan to visit the Petrified Forest National Park. First, how did a forest exist in this place? Second, how did it become flooded by a vast inland sea? Third, how do trees become petrified? We have a lot to learn. Thankfully, there are books we can read and Rangers in the parks who are able to answer our questions!

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