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We spent the morning relaxing and sorting out some information that the insurance company requires regarding our forward bookings of tours and flights. It is quite fortunate that we had not paid out any money for the two weeks that became available from the cancellation of the Venzuela tour, except some airfares. We had been talking to Nick from Nicks Adventures Bolivia about spending some time at San Carlos Ranch near the Amazon and also Pablo regarding a Colca Canyon Tour but we had not paid any deposits.

Phil stayed home to rest his back and I went for a wander down the many malls that are in the area of Plaza de Armas. As I was walking back to the apartment there was one street that forms part of the square that was blocked off and there were police directing pedestrians to the opposite side of the street. There were also what looked like Special Forces soldiers and many black vehicles with tinted windows. I got closer there were 6 men in suits, all with earpieces, looking very official. They were all outside the main entrance of the Museo Historico Nacional. So I thought I would just stand and watch to see who was so important. A few people went in and out of the building, including some photographers. I guess I was there about 3/4 hour and the crowd kept growing bigger. An official looking photographer came out of the museum and stood right next to me in the front row. He turned around and asked if I knew what was going on. I said there must be someone important in there but I was from Australia and I was just here because everyone else was. He explained that Prince Akishino of Japan and his wife, Princess Kiko were in Santiago to commemorate the 120th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries. The royal couple finally appeared, waved and smiled at the crowd and hopped into one of the cars and were off. My brush with royalty!

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