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Day 13 - Saturday 23rd September

What a lovely day bright & sunny & lovely driving weather. We soon crossed the border & headed North into Estonia. The roads seem somewhat better & the scenery is changing subtly, not so many lakes & a few less trees. We did run up the side of one massive lake, Lake Peipus, which marks the border with Russia. However the lake is so big that Russia is out of sight on the other side. We had lunch parked beside the lake in a forest car park.

We did stop at a rather magnificent convent at Kuremäe which houses a Russian Orthodox nunnery. We were allowed to roam the beautiful extensive grounds freely with many other visitors to see how the nuns live. Very well indeed judging by what we saw. We were a bit bemused when we arrived at the car park to see a woman apparently selling various large empty plastic bottles. We found out later that there is a spring known as a “holy spring” for the curative powers of its water on the site & people take away bottles of the water.

The best part of the day was yet to come though & it was when we arrived at our next overnight stop right up in the North East corner of Estonia about 8 miles from the Russian border. I had picked a remote hotel which also had a few motorhome pitches.

A big old hotel building set in it's own grounds beside a small lake & with half a dozen small bungalow buildings scattered around.

Again we were the only motorhome there & after paying our €15 for the pitch at the hotel reception we were taken to our pitch down away from the hotel beside a building which turned out to be a swimming pool. Not just an indoor heated swimming pool though but it also had a jacuzzi & sauna & a little man came with us, opened it up & switched on the sauna & jacuzzi.

All this was just for us so we took full advantage of it. Only slight problem came when Viv was swimming in the main pool & suddenly screamed. A small snake about 6 - 8 inches long was swimming across the surface of the pool near her. Just in case it was deadly poisonous, which I'm sure it wasn't, I scooped it out onto the side of the pool.

We didn't find any snakes in the jacuzzi or the sauna & we just couldn't believe our luck to have all this to ourselves as well as a pitch with electricity all for €15. Fantastic end to a lovely day.

Mileage Today - 213

Mileage To Date - 1,804

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