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Enjoyed my visit to Window Rock Veterans Memorial Park . The Code Talker Monument is placed beautifully in front of Window Rock. The Navajo Museum was closed today but it is also in the park.

Lovely drive on BIA12 to I40W - almost ran into 3 horses running across the road. Such a gorgeous sight.

The Riorden Mansion, in Flagstaff, consists of 2 houses attached by a common family room. There were 3 Riorden brothers - immigrants from Ireland. Matt, the oldest, came to Arizona as an Indian agent after serving in the Civil War. The owner of the largest lumber mill in the state offered Matt the job as manager . Three years later Matt bought the mill and brought his 2 brothers to Arizona. Those two brothers married 2 sisters and built this mansion consisting of two separate houses connected by a large family room. Together there are 40 rooms.

The mansion was built in 1904 in the American Arts and Crafts style. The siding is made of log slabs over plaster and stucco. Gives the illusion of log construction. Remember , these men owned a lumber mill and the slabs would have been burned or thrown away. They put them to good use!

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