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Phil's back is still very painful and he is getting more pain down his leg and a lot of numbness. He wants to go back to the Hospital, so we head off mid morning. We know the ropes, so this time it is easier and we know what to expect. We see a different Doctor and he is concerned that Phil has less resistance when pushing with his right leg and big toe than his left leg. The Doctor that saw Phil last Monday pops his head in to the cubicle and the two Doctors have a discussion in Spanish and he leaves. Phil has 4 different types of pills and the Doctor writes down which ones he should take and when. He then suggests to find out what the problem is, Phil should have an MRI. We are given some paperwork and then go to the Radiology Department in the basement of the Hospital to make an appointment. We take a number and to our surprise the appointment is made for this Sunday at 4pm. The cost is CLP606,086 or $1,220.00. We go back to the internet cafe and scan the forms to send to our insurance company. We will now have to wait and see what their response will be.

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