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Today we need to send back the completed form to the travel insurance company for Phil's Doctor to release information regarding his health. They need to make sure his back is not a pre-existing condition. We visit our favourite Internet Cafe and Kelvin is there to help us yet again with the scanning and we send the email off to Sydney. We have a coffee on the way back to the apartment at our favourite cafe, Migalito.

It's late morning and we catch a taxi to Mall Parque Aruco, a shopping centre with cafes and a cinema complex. We wander the shops for a while. It is a lovely shopping area, with two departments stores, Falabella and Ripleys and many quality smaller stores, all the usual brands. Around the outside of the mall are lots of outdoor cafes. It is 26C here today so we eat outside in the sunshine. We have picked two movies, Kidnap and Mother, that are in English and decide to go to see Mother. Well it was a 'strange' movie. Not my sort of genre. It was quite weird and didn't make much sense. I can't say that I would recommend it and if we had been at home watching this movie we would have changed channels.

Back to the apartment and as we were cooking dinner there was the music coming from the end of our street. As we were hoping into a taxi earlier today there was a stage being set up in the park. We leave the dishes and head out to see what is going on. There are only a couple of thousand people there, but on stage is a 10 piece band with 4 brass instruments, two singers, one male and one female and a dancing girl wearing a black sequin fringed outfit. On the screen behind the band are scenes of a man in his 60's with a beard greeting people and having his photograph taken. Next pops up on the screen - El Preidente de el gente, A president of the people. Turns out we are a some sort of political rally for a prospective presidential candidate named Guillier. Everyone is up dancing in front of the stage and generally having a good time. We have no idea what they are saying but the music is good so we sit and enjoy the atmosphere. I'd vote for him, as he know how to throw one hellava party!

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