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Dawn over Hahei Beach

The obligatory aeroplane photo!

Today was just a transit day, from Hahei to Auckland and on to Christchurch. We had hoped for a lovely drive to Auckland, but it turned out to be a bit frustrating, really. First, there was the rain, which persisted for most of the drive. Then the scenery was, by New Zealand standards, a bit dull, really!

Finally, getting fuel was quite problematic.We didn't want to pay the $2.14 per litre that the first place was asking, then the second place was packed out and required prepay before you could get any fuel! We finally found a place off the highway, but ended up arriving at the airport an hour later than we wanted to. Fortunately, we had allowed plenty of time, so we made our check in time and still had time for a bit of lunch before boarding our Jetstar chariot to Christchurch.

However, if this is as bad as this trip gets, we're not complaining (much!).

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