2017 Trip East to see the Colors travel blog

Cruise ship in Newport Harbor

Narragansett Pier - it is actally the pier known as Galilee

A few of the Newport Bridge from Jamestown, RI

Narragansett across from the lighthouse

Narragansett Lighthouse - Point Judith

Cities are so close in this part of the country. New York City was less than 150 miles from our place near Bethlehem. The speed limit is never more than 65 but nobody pretends to care. I told Rio the cat that Tom never saw a car he wouldn’t pass. Not so in this neck of the woods. There is so much green and so much water – rain, rivers, creeks, lakes, ponds, and the ocean. It is all quite beautiful but then there is humidity. New Mexicans don’t like humidity. The horizon is close –usually trees. New Mexico is a different color, the water is too little and the horizon is far away. We left PA and drove through parts of PA, NJ, NY and CT all in five hours. It takes that long to cross NM on I-40.

Our journey to Rhode Island required a one night stop near Groton, CT. n the way we saw the exit for Sandy Hook and New Town - such a sad time - it made us stop and remember. Getting to Groton was a little dicey because Google Maps and I had a problem. It kept trying to save us 2 or 3 minutes taking us on “shortcuts”. Shortcuts and 30 feet of trailer do not belong in the same sentence, It was a nice RV park but the internet and cable did not work and given the price we were disappointed – enough said.

We stayed at Fishermans Memorial State Park in Narragansett, RI. It was very nice and green and close to the ocean. We only had 2 days at this location and that was not enough time. Our first day we checked out the local lighthouse (Point Judith) and Galilee harbor. We also drove along the shore checking out the wide assortment of houses. Some houses are quite large and others are quite small. They are all mixed together.

Newport, RI is very close so we drove over there, via a long bridge with incredible views, for a drive similar to the ride along the Carmel, CA coast. A lot of rich people lived/live in Newport and there are some extraordinary mansions. We did not tour any but there were plenty of people who were waiting in line for the tours. Newport’s roads are pretty narrow and there were lots of tourists on the narrow sidewalks so you gotta be careful. Tom let me drive so he was deep breathing in several places – I miss my Camry.

Hurricane Jose generated a hurricane and then tropical storm warning for the area. It did get quite windy but nothing like the tornados in New Orleans in 2015. We did not want to get too far away from the trailer (and Rio the cat). We did go to the lighthouse to watch the waves crash into the beach. I took some video but could not upload it to the journal. It was very pretty but the amazing thing was the presence of surfers – where were their mothers?? It rained most of the day and night.

Internet has been limited because of our location choices. So this entry is down and dirty. Tom and I agreed that we would have liked to spend much longer at this location in Rhode Island. There is a lot to see pretty close by and with no summer tourist traffic it is pretty easy to get around. I would love to spend time watching the fishing boats unloading, the tides at their peaks, and the birds in the estuaries. There are several beaches and many historic sites that I would have liked to have time to visit.

We are off to Hampton Falls, NH for 7 nights.

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