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Off to Mackay today, we have left the Leap Hotel first as I have a hair cut appointment (currently I look like a poodle) and Danie's doctor appointment is not until this afternoon.

Finished all my appointments so we are off to book into the MY COW Caravan Park which is at Baker's Creek.

Great park and our site is right near the creek so we are all set-up and waiting for Danie and Bob to arrive.

We are staying only two nights here as I need to wash - clean - wash -clean. So after my three load of washing I only have the bed linen which can be washed at the park laundry.

The Donalson's have arrived and Danie has good & bad news her eye has mended well but as a result a cataract has started to grow over her eye and she will need to have that removed back in Brisbane soon. Her doctor tells her that the whole process will take 18 months to complete. What eye sight she has after this will be all she can hope for - he did tell her it was better than being blind in one eye - cheerful doctor???


Danie and I are off to check out Mackay while the men just hang out at the park. Back at lunch time and apart from washing the car we have the afternoon of relaxing by the creek.


Time to head further south once again our next major stop will be Rockhampton where Danie and Bob will part ways and head inland (they have six weeks before they need to be home) and we have five weeks but we want to travel the coast road at a slow pace). Arrived at a place called Flaggy Rock Community & Recreation Centre they have a camp sites in what was a old school grounds so there was plenty of area to pick from. We decided on a area under some large trees to get the shade. $10.00 for the night.


Arrived at a place called Marlborough and decided to stay behind the hotel under some large trees (the only ones) to get the shade weather still getting warmer). $10.00 for the night. Had lunch at the hotel which was great then spent the afternoon chatting and relaxing. Once again we have decided to have dinner at the hotel. The meals are huge and all very fresh. There is a shower block which has a double shower and the sign on the door states Ladies and Men so Bob and Danie have decided to use this one which gave Trevor and I some entertainment as another traveller (male) has turned up and can't understand why the door is locked so after trying to get in he has come outside and is trying to see through the window who is inside. After a few minutes he is up to pacing outside waiting to get in. Now Bob has come out so he believes one shower must be free so he is off to have his shower but again the door is locked so again he is back outside looking to see who is in there??? Finally Danie appears and heads for our site with the man racing to get in before anyone else.


Off to Rocky.

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