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We are in canyon country. Not like the canyons we have already seen and crossed. These are THE canyons that attract people from around the world. We are surrounded by tourists from Europe and Asia. Bus loads. Rented cars loaded with people speaking languages other than English. What have they come to see?? Grand. Bryce. Zion.

We visited the Grand Canyon North Rim on Monday. It is GRAND in the full meaning of the word. When we visited Canyonlands on Sept 12 we saw the Colorado River at work. That was a vast canyon system, more spread out than deep. We followed the Colorado River down Glen Canyon where a dam created Lake Powell, a major vacation spot. But downstream from Lake Powell is where the River has done its most famous work. The Grand Canyon takes your breath away. Twenty miles across from rim to rim. A mile deep. Countless side canyons. Simply amazing. We sat in the stillness and watched birds fly inside the canyon. The sun painted colors across the layered rock. WOW!! Words failed us.

From Grand we came to Bryce Canyon. Not really a canyon, it is half a canyon, the carved side of a major plateau. Lots of smaller canyons have carved the slopes. The soil is different here, lots of sandstone. As sandstone erodes it leaves hoopees (standing rock pillars). Thousands of them. And arches, carved by water through the rock. And from the top of the plateau one could see 100 miles. (Yes, it was a clear day today.) Again, words fail us. And even pictures cannot capture the vast panorama set before us.

Tonight we are camping near Bryce Canyon. It will be cold and windy (but hopefully dry). We trust that our tent will hold together and that our covers will keep us warm.

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