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Up at 8am for a delicious breakfast on the sunny deck overlooking the Sundays River. Beautiful way to start the day.

On to Addo Elephant Park with our tour guide Mike. We were the only people on the tour today so it was very relaxed. Not far into the park we were greeted by a large bull elephant on the road, just casually walking towards us. Mike spenf 8 years as the park ranger here so we had full trust in his direction. He immediately pulled to one side of the road and cut the engine. This shows respect to the elephant that he was there first and we are submissive. He's way to big to challenge. He just trundled past and gave us the eye.

Carried on for the whole day seeing lots of elephants, warthogs, kudu, wilderbeast, buffalo, zebras, jackal, birds of many colours, dungbeetles hard at work rolling the dung, lions and possibly a rhino's bum. Not sure as it went behind a bush! We were very lucky to see the lions, there was mum, dad and 3 cubs, but they were a fair distance from us.... probably a good thing I suppose. Mike provided us with very good binoculars so we got a good view. It was wonderful to see elephants and zebras just meandering across the road in front of the car. The warthogs are very may Pumbas in one place.

The 8 hour tour went quite quickly. The park is huge so it took all day to see most of it. Would definately recommend using a tour guide instead of selfdrive as they all communicate with each other to advise where the best lot of animals are.

Back home, freshen up and back to Taste of Africa for dinner again. Fabulous place, very rustic with seats and logs around a fire in the garden. Great staff and atmosphere.

FINALLY GOT SOME PHOTOS UPLOADED. Will try to to add some to previous days.

Home to shower, journal and bed. Travelling to Johannesburg tomorrow.

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