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Glass factory


Wood mold

Many stages

Steamy mold

Stained glass mfg here

Amelia Earhart


Red baron

Zeppelin Hindenburg

Gift shop

Cat pitchers

Large cat pitcher

Special shapes

Blenko Glass 1893

We are between Huntington and charleston, WV at the foxfire KOA. The spot is a backin, we just barely fit but do get all Dish channels. Their big kid weekend just ended, glad we missed it.

There is a legendary glass company here in Milton - Blenko glass. I went to see the glass demonstration and extensive shop. They make glass objects and stained glass plates as well. We are getting stink bugs in the campground. Guess they are out this time of year and all the people in the campground say they are just part of the experience.

Blenko has been in business since 1923 at this site and makes a signature water bottle that was designed to go into the new "ice box" refrigerator. They also make plate glass for stained windows and have a wonderful display of windows fashioned from their glass. There is one for Amelia Earhart, one for the Hindenburg, Red Baron and the Titanic. The mold is soaked to be very wet when the glass is poured into it. A tour group was there and I was able to listen to the presentation after going to observe some of the glass making operation.

Many specialty items are made including one each year for the state of West Virginia one for the Country Music award ceremony.

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