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Mystery Bay

Rugged side of Mystery Bay

Rugged side near Blue Pools

Blue Pools from cantilever platform. A project was initiated in 1937 to...

The climb back up from pool area

Saturday 16 September 2017

Another different weather day!!

The prediction was for a front to come through quickly and some brief showers. Awoke to a warm morning and very blue sky. Alas, that did not last long, and by 8.30am it was very cloudy, showery and we were being buffeted by very strong winds!! Stayed put until things settled down and then took off for our day out.

Everything turned out ok and the first little of township of Tilba Tilba was very quiet and mostly deserted. Even Pam's Store is closed for renovations. Moved on to Central Tilba which was buzzing with people and hard to find a park. Enjoyed our time in and out of shops, and it even felt a bit warmer in parts, and some sunshine too.

Next place was Mystery Bay for a look around. Another little gem with lovely blue water and many rocky outcrops. Enjoyed a walk on the beach as we took in the views.

Then it was a visit to Cabargo. What a difference to Tilba! Not many around, and some shops already closed by lunch time. There were still enough shops open, and the highlight for Pam was the pottery shop. We purchased a small pottery pot here in 2003 which my violet has loved! The aim was to find another one, slightly larger. Looking through the shop, it seemed like we were out of luck, and then bingo, found they still have them and the right size too. One happy shopper, and only 14 years later!

Visited the bakery for some food, and although it is not the best bakery we have found, it managed to keep us happy for a bit.

Headed back to Bermagui via a back road, hoping to find the Mud Pottery. Didn't seem as if we were in the right place, but eventually found some old signs, and yes, even though the website is up and running, think the pottery has been gone for quite some time!

Back home via the coastal drive to find the Blue Pool, and even though we had 99 steps down, and back up again, it is a little gem too. Spent quite sometime there, absolutely freezing, but soaking it all up.

Back to the vans, a hot cup of tea, and a restful time catching up on some mail and getting warm.

The men are cooking at the BBQ tonight, and will need all their warm clothes on!

Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny, not sure about warmer, but we will soldier on.

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