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Left standing by erosion

One of many arches

The arch

Hank at Landscape Arch

Famous Landscape Arch

Balanced Rock

Merrimac and Monitor square off

A canyon is forming

Another canyon is growing

The work of the Green River

A Forty Mile Difference

Yesterday, September 11, we visited Arches National Park and today we visited Canyonlands National Park. Both geological wonders, with close to identical rock strata, they are different as night and day. Arches is a park that explores towering formations that formed with the help of tectonic plates and millenia of climate change and fragile arches that formed when the softer stone eroded away due to rain, snow melt, wind and pollution. And canyons, of course, are bellow ground level, formed when the salt layers left from millenia of seas ebbing and flowing and water eating through softer strata of stone. In order to understand this process more clearly we bought a book that discusses the geology of Utah's national parks. Happy to lend it to any one who wants to learn more.

Anyway, the point is that these 2 parks are less than 40 miles apart and are so different. Close enough to see Arches when at Canyonlands and there are towering walls at Canyonlands as well. The Monitor and the Merrimac welcome you as you enter that park.

Both are parks cover acres of land and are basically looped roads with scenic stops and photo opportunities. So we have hundreds of photos to share. Be careful, though. Hank has been known to share every photo he's ever taken! Unfortunately, Marilyn did not fully participate in these 2 days of adventure because temperatures were close to 100 both days and the sun has been incredibly hot. But Marilyn did have an adventure of her own while Hank was hiking to photograph Landscape Arch in the Devil's Garden. Having placed a chair in the shade of the parking lot and minding her own business, a raven stopped by for a chat. Squawking and bobbing its head it became clear the bird was looking for a handout. When it didn't get anything it flew away. Back at least 3 times and providing photo ops for fellow tourists it was somwthing to see.

There is a possibilty for rain tonight. We ate at a restaurant tonight and it was spitting as we walked to the car following a wonderful meal of salmon for Hank and a burrito for Marilyn. The wind was blowing and as we got on the road to go “home”, we noticed one side of the street was dark with threatening clouds and the other side was still sunny. But the wind was blowing sand across the road and we just knew we were in for a big one. Got to the campground before any rain fell which gave us the opportunity to close up the tent before we'd need to mop again. Actually we'll still waiting for the rain but both sides of the street are dark now and it's humid. 7:40 at night and 88 degrees. Something's gotta give. It just might be Marilyn's sanity.

Tomorrow we move on to cooler temperatures and greener vistas. Looking forward to the change.

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