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The server at breakfast told us it is unusual to have rain 3 days in a row in Split; Hurricane "Santher" changes all of that!

400km drive to Zagreb, the capital and largest city in Croatia. Heavy rain and wind most of the drive.

It is the site of headquarters for the largest companies, scientific institutions and media. Most important hub of transportation for Croatia.

After we checked into the hotel we headed out for a little snack before our walking tour. Found a bakery and shared a rich and delicious piec of dark chocolate cake and a piece of triple chocolate cake! We have spent the last of our Croatian kuna.

Evalaina was our guide today. Zagreb is a beautiful city with several squares and parks and interesting architecture.

We visited the old town. Several churches are found here, fruit and vegetable market, many shops and statues. We learned that the tie was invented in Croatia. There was also the oldest pharmacy in Croatia. But when we were in Dubrovnik we were told the oldest pharmacy was located there. Heather said it may be that the pharmacy in Dubrovnik was started by the monks and here it was just one man.

We learned the kuna came from the name for the fur bearing animal whose pelts were used for trading.

We visited the Museum of Broken Relationships. Interesting. People can leave something from a broken relationship and information about the relationship. Some of the stories were sad, some were funny and some were unbelievable!

Had a delicious healthy dinner, fried vegetables and risotto with pumpkin and zucchini!

Our last night in Croatia!

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