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A very stressful day today! Yesterday we caught a taxi to the Brazilian Embassy to try and sort out our visa for Brazil. We are told we are the wrong office and have to go to another office of the Embassy. When we get there, they are closed. Today we make the trip again. We have already tried to apply for the visa on line and haven't been able to get access to the form. We are prepared with a note in Spanish but at the Embassy they are not helpful and we are told they can't provide a paper form and we must do it all on line. That was a waste of time! We get back to our apartment and finally get access to the form on our laptop but we have to upload lots of documents and photos. First thing is, Phil forgot to bring our spare passport photos so we have to find a shop that can take some more and they have to be a specific size. We manage to find a photo shop and a very helpful lady (with no English but we manage) who takes extra time with us to make sure we have the correct size. We can't use the laptop so we decide to go to the internet cafe that Phil saw yesterday when we were on the way to the hairdressers. We start to fill in the form and then we have to upload, a passport photo, a copy of our signature, a bank statement showing we have money, itinerary going into Brazil, copy of our passport showing the entry stamp into Chile and our tickets for our flight out of Brazil. We struggle to get everything the right size and all the documents scanned but Kelvin (from Venezuela) who works there is our saviour. He helps us get all our documents in the correct size and format and it takes us nearly 3 hours to complete the forms for both of us. We would have been sunk without Kelvin!! He spent so much time making sure everything was correct. Finally, we can go into another website link and make an appointment. We are back from Patagonia on Sunday 17/9 but Monday and Tuesday are public holidays, so the earliest we can book for is Wednesday 20/9 at 10 am. We are not sure if we get our visa then or there are some other hoops that we need to jump through, but one thing I know for sure is that I am never, ever, going to try and get a visa while travelling. In hindsight we should have applied for the visa while still in Australia but then again we couldn't because we did not have a return flight booked. Brazil is our last country to visit in South America before coming home. So today has been all about the visa and we didn't get a chance to do anything else.

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