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Heather started out the day with a 5 mile run!

Road trip to the north to Split. A very warm day but a lovely wind off the ocean.

Our first stop was our hotel. Up the steps from the street, only 6 rooms. We are lucky that we are on the first floor so we don't have to carry our luggage up another level.

We have the smallest room with the biggest TV!

For some reason our suitcases are getting harder to close and heavier and we have not added anything to them! We walked down to the city center located on the bay. Promenade is filled with ice cream/gelato places. Only have to walk a few meters and there is another one. Yes we have already sampled before our tour. Of course we have had some.

Bruna is the local guide who took us inside the city walls and the palace.

Split is the second largest city in Croatia. The city center used to be the home of the Roman emperor Diocletian. Palace was built in 305. During his rule, it was "illegal" to be a Christian and he had many killed. When he abdicated, the Christians went and destroyed anything with a "D" on it and removed the heads and cut in half any of his statues. Refugee Romans settled in the palace. Today people are living in parts of it.

After the fall of the Romans it became a Byzantine city and then part of the Venetian empire. Prior to the Diocletian, Split was a Greek colony. It was also under Napoleonic rule.

After our tour we walked around and found a juice bar...something healthy! It started to rain and we left our raincoats, umbrellas and Branko with his 3 umbrellas at the hotel. We went back to the hotel and I am saddened to find out that my gortex shoes did not keep my feet dry.

Thunderstorm was predicted for 6 so we decided we would head out at 7 for birthday dinner. Heather wanted to go to the Mexican restaurant...2 problems no reservations and it held less than 20 people and they did not take credit cards. We found an alternative place on the square to eat. We had perfect timing as a lot of people started to come to eat. As we were finishing our meal it started to storm...thunder, lots of lightening and pouring rain. Raining so hard that rain was pouring off the tents into the restaurant. They even stopped serving food. This time we had our umbrellas with us!

Heather said "You know both days I washed my hair, it rained." She is not allowed to wash her hair for the rest of the trip!

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