Hank and Marilyn Coast to Coast 2017 travel blog

Tenting in the high plains of central Colorado

The dry landscape of SW Colorado

The Colorado River carves a path through the rock

A different type of beauty

We left the Rocky Mountains on Friday morning, climbing once again over the pass at over 12,000 feet. (Our new Sabaru is handling all this well.) Again the vistas were breath-taking. On our way down the other side we saw the headwaters of the Colorado River, the same river that carved the Grand Canyon. (We plan to be there Sep 18.)

Of course, there were far more mountains to cross. The Rockies are a wide chain of mountains; check an atlas. We camped the night in Steamboat Springs at 6,730 feet. Rolling hills make excellent grazing land. The light background in the tent photo is grazing land. Steamboat Springs gained fame for its hot springs. But now it is a major winter sports playground. Hotels and chain stores abound. All in the middle of nowhere. The sign coming to it said "NO services for 23 miles."

From Steamboat Springs we journeyed 200 miles to Grand Junction near the Utah border. A major change in climate!! From cool air to heat (92*). From vegetation on rolling hills to dry land except along river channels (think the Colorado River). Again we are camping, but we expect nighttime temperatures in the 60s. Quite a change. The sun is setting behind growing clouds (we are two hours behind you) and Marilyn is doing laundry. The tent is up and supper awaits us.

Tomorrow after church we will travel to Moab Utah near Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. The temperature will be in the 90s and we will camp again. We expect to be overwhelmed with another form of natural beauty. Moab is also on the Colorado River. We plan to be there 3 nights and then move on to Mesa Verde National Park in the SW corner of Colorado. An amazing world awaits us.

We keep in prayer the folk of Texas, Florida, and other places. A long-time friend lives in San Antonio Texas and my first cousin evacuated from Florida. Such a combination of beauty and tragedy. May you all be well in God's keeping.

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