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Pouring rain when we went down for breakfast. Branko was waiting for us with the umbrellas to go to Old Town for a walking tour. 3 cruise ships are in port so that means not only a lot of people, but a lot of people with umbrellas!

Within a few minutes of meeting our guide, Sandra, and starting the tour the rain stopped.

Evidence has been found to support that Dubrovnik has been around since 1st century BC. As early as the 10th century it was an important trade and political center of the eastern Adriatic. By the end of the 13th century the city perimeter was closed with walls.

In the early 15th century the last of the wooden houses had been replaced with stone.

Public water supply was constructed in 1436, the Orofino Fountain. A hospice was constructed in 1347; first pharmacy 1420 (still in use); orphanage in 1432 (anonymously could bring the baby to the nuns; and first public school in 1435.

Because of its huge wealth as traders Dubrovnik became the link between the Christian west and Ottoman east.

On April 6, 1667 an earthquake, followed by a fire, destroyed many buildings. They were rebuilt in Baroque style.

Our guide took us along the Placa, the main street, 292 meters long. It was once a canal.

After the tour Branko treated us to ice cream at Sandra's favorite place, as a precelebration for Heather's birthday. It was much better than yesterdays ice cream at the new harbor. We then decided to walk the city wall.

The wall is 1940 meters long. It has 3 round, 12 rectangular and 2 corner fortresses.

There are 15 bastions. At some places the wall is 25 meters high. There are still several residences within the walls. You overlook some of the gardens and can even see into some of the houses. There are fantastic views of the ocean.

After our walk we had free time to get lunch, gigantic chicken kabob sandwiches in tortillas, and walk around. He met up with us and said the boats were still not going over to Lokrum Island so we took the cable car up to the Imperial Fortress for a fantastic view of the old town. You could see how the city wall wrapped around the town.

We headed back down to the old harbor to see about going over to Lokrum Island. Signs still up that boats were not running due to bad weather...the sun was shining!

We spent another hour doing some shopping and then came back to the hotel.

After a short rest Heather and I walked back to the new harbor area for dinner. She was hungry for meat! She had steak. I got grilled shrimp. I wasn't expecting the whole shrimp. They were small and it was a lot of work to have to remove, the head, tail and shell and I don't like food you have to play with to eat!

Like Greece there are a lot of feral cats, not as many as in Greece though.

There are lots of pigeons and they fly very close to your head.

We were laughing as we were eating lunch, an oreo cat was trying to catch the pigeons, jumping into the air!

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