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Swabisch Gmund Cathedral

Murals Uncovered during Restoration are Excellent

12th Century Madonna

Turkish Pavillion - Stockholm

Hagaparken - Stockholm

Oslo Airport

The Pod

Podded Geezer

Thermal Plant

Thermal Plant

Remote Church

On this site for centuries

Child deaths are, for me, the saddest


Thermal Pools

Thermal Site

Reykjavik Whimsey

Imposing Lutheran Cathedral

Cathedral Interior

Thor - Wrestling with Old Age


Tattoo Parlor

Friendly Troll

Welcome -

On the way to Iceland here were pleasant stops in Swabisch Gmund, Germany and Stockholm to visit friends. Catching up with old and new friends I wish were closer. I've included a few photos. The first of a lovely Romanesque Cathedral In Swabisch Gmund that was far more interesting than several churches on the WHS list. And a few pics from the Royal Park in Stockholm, a city I'll always love especially the bookstore and food hall:)

Iceland is cold. It's also raining. And the third windiest country just got hit with near hurricane winds approaching 100 kph.

Reportedly it also has trolls.

Even trolls avoid the Hólavallagarður cemetery.

But I have a comfortable 6x3x3 pod at the Galaxy Pod Hostel. It's a big step up from the 12 bunk dorms with drunk PCVs tossing their cookies after a night out in Yerevan.

The Icelanders produce 100% of their energy through renewables. I visited one of their Thermal Energy plants. The contrast with Volklingen couldn't be more prophetic. While Volkingen relied on thousands of laborers, the only personnel visible at the thermal plant were tour guides.

Reykjavik was pleasant. Iceland is a Mecca for the adventure backpacker. We had our own adventures back in the day.

Tomorrow I'll be back in the States. Over dozens of trips spread over more than fifty years I still feel the place you learn most about is home. This last year it seems a darker place where our worst characteristics are re-emerging. While I've been in Europe two of the deadliest mass shootings in US history have occurred.

Thoughts and prayers are not enough.

"Dark, benighted, travel worn ...Little wanderer hie thee home." William Blake, A Dream

The Geezer

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