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The Massive Volklingen Iron & Steel Works

The tour is all on your own - Just wander

Giant Recirculating Fans

The Scale is Huge



For Scale - Check the Ladder


Even the Smaller Machines are Interesting

Plant Employees - WW II

Plant Visitor - WW II

Contemporary Art Exhibit

Moving Outside - Furnaces & Chimneys






End of the Line

Welcome -

Have you ever wanted to explore an abandoned factory? It really appeals to me. I'm not sure why.

Now imagine that factory covers thousands of square meters, contains hundreds of huge machines, and you can explore miles of corridors, ramps, and aerial walkways.

Finally, imagine that the factory resembles the set of Fritz Lange's Metropolis, one of the great silent films.

That was my experience today as I visited the Volklingen Iron and Steel Works. The Works produced millions of tons of iron and steel over a period of more than one hundred years before shutting down in 1986. Just eight years later Volklingen was named UNESCO'S first World Heritage Industrial Site.

The site used over twelve thousand forced laborers during WW II.

I cannot determine that the site was ever bombed.

The sound track for the visit was the beating of a human heart at 60 beats per minute.

The Geezer

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