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The Anna Amalia Library - Weimar

Perhaps my Dissertation is Included?

The Library was almost destroyed by fire - Restoratiion was extensive

Another Attractive Stove

Goethe House

Nietzsche's Death Mask

Weimar Cemetery

Weimar Cemetery

Liszt Death Mask

Liszt's House

Soviet Cemetery - Not many Reminders of East Germany's Soviet Past

Goethe's Garden House

Goethe's Garden House

Weimar Park - My Favorite


My Travel Library:)

A Delicious Afternoon Crepe and Cafe

The Bauhaus Crew


Vineyards on the way to Naumburg


More of the Fallen

Another Wall

Naumburg Dom

Dom Art

Dom Art

Don Art

Dom Art

I must be going soft.

Off to Naumburg. The Nietzsche Archive was closed but the town and its towering Dom were a pleasant interlude. As was a delicious schnitzel and mineralwasser for lunch. The Dom resonates power and the Treasury has some interesting pieces. I'm surprised it's not on the World Heritage list.

The day ends in Weimar, where Goethe, Schiller, Liszt and Wagner made this little town a literary and musical metropolis. It also spawned the Bauhaus movement. I'm personally looking forward to the Herzogin-Anna-Amalia Bibliothek. Will it rival the stunning library at the Abbey of St Gall?

Such riches! And it doesn't hurt to settle down at the Eis Cafe Venezia for a coffee and kuchen at the end of the day and enjoy the sounds of drum, clarinet, tuba and small children.

My plan is to spend the day enjoying Weimar's many museums. Just another tourist. The museums turned out to be interesting but it was Weimar's parks and cemeteries that truly seduced me.

The Geezer

Oh. One other thing. The bus stop for Buchenwald is just outside my door. The trains left the Hauptbahnhof a hundred meters to the East. I don't plan on going. I've been to Dachau, to Auschwitz, Auschwitz-Birkinau. And the cemeteries of Sarajevo, Kosovo, Armenia, and Nagorna-Karabakh where the graves seem to have an unusual number of markers with the same date.

I'm going to take a pass on Buchenwald.

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