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The Tightrope Walker

Potsdam - Cathedral Altar

Potsdam - The Russian Colony

Sans Souci

Sans Souci

Sans Souci Interior

Sans Souci Gallery

Sans Souci Gallery

Sans Souci - Inlaid Floor

A Favorite Painting

Sans Souci Interior

Neu Garten - Site of the Potsdam Conference

Interior of Neu Garten

Storm Damage

Potsdam -

I highly recommend Susan Neiman's Slow Fire: Jewish Notes from Berlin. Berlin being just a short S-Bahn jaunt away.

Once you've finished that go on and read both her Evil in Modern Thought before moving on to Moral Clarity: A Guide for Grown-up Idealists.

If you work at it you should finish by Christmas. I'm not sure which year, but it will be worth it. Professor Neiman proves that it is still possible to do pertinent philosophy in the modern age.

Having completed my assignment I spent the day visiting the Gardens and Palaces of Sans Souci. Timber littered the grounds. Large trees were simply splintered by the storm last Thursday. The highlight for me was the music room in Sans Souci where "the old Bach" was prompted by Frederick the Great to devise a fugue on a simple theme. His challenge led to the composition of the Musical Offering, one of the great works of music.

There will be a test. There always is, you know.

The Geezer

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