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Bremen Rathaus - WHS

Bremen Rathaus

Bremen Rathaus

Bremen - Weekly Market

Another Bahnhof

Helgoland - An Island in the North Sea


Russian Tall Ship

Helgoland Cliffs


Traffic on the Elbe

Cuxhaven Water Tower

Back again?

The weather has been dismal since leaving Belgium. The hurricanes that I missed in Florida have pursued me to Europe. For the past 2 days virtually the entire German rail system has ground to a standstill.

I'm in Cuxhaven, a little port on the North Sea, hoping for the weather to clear enough for the ferries to run. The seas can be treacherous, something I experienced on a Navy "observation platform" back in 1978. But that's another story.

Helgoland is an island about 70 kilometers to the Northwest of Cuxhaven. It was a German naval base in both the 1st and 2nd World Wars.

With two waves of attacks on 18 and 19 April 1945, 1,000 aircraft of the British Royal Air Force dropped about 7,000 bombs. The majority of the population survived in the bomb shelters. The bomb attacks rendered the island uninhabitable, and it was evacuated.

Oh. The weather cleared and the visit was drama free.

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