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Today a sleep in and we don't get up until 9am. We do some chores, a bit of hand washing and unpacking. It's good to have breakfast at home and we definitely didn't have eggs - a nice change! This morning we need to get on the internet to finalise some more of our adventure. We need to sort out the final few bookings for our visit to Patagonia and also we need to book our airfare from Bogota to Buenos Aires as Explore have contacted us wanting these details. The morning goes quickly and nothing is finalised but we are making some progress. I will need to wait for some email replies from queries. I hope to finish most of it in the next few days.

It's lunch time and another meal at home, which is a bit of a novelty! We do have a parcel to go to Hong Kong for Madi, so after lunch we attempt to find either a Post Office or DHL or some freight company. At the Chile Express office not far from our apartment we are told we are prohibited to send a parcel to Hong Kong. Maybe this is a language barrier thing. We hope so. We go back to the apartment to use wifi and decide to try Correo Chile. Chile's equivalent of Australia Post. Fortunately, there is an branch close to us. This time we have written in Spanish what we want to send and where to, in case there are any problems. We are served by a very helpful lady who doesn't speak English but understands our note and the rest she and I figure out between us. I do remember a bit of Spanish even though it has been 10 years since I took lessons. It takes about three quarters of an hour to buy a box, fill in the paperwork and finally get a receipt with the delivery expected within 10 days. We shall see!

Its after 4 pm so we can pick up the laundry and we get a good discount because we had so much. Back to the supermarket for something to cook for dinner. We decide on pork chops, mashed potato and veggies. There will be simple meals while we are here because we don't want to buy lots of ingredients, the kitchen is tiny (it only fits one person at a time) and there is only a bar fridge.

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