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After 2 years of planning & just under 3 months away from home, our journey is drawing to a close.

We have travelled approximately - 27,731 kms, through 4 countries. We have travelled by foot, bicycle, tuk tuk, car, songthaew, van, truck, bus, boat, train and plane - 8 international flights and 1 domestic flight.

We have been excited and curious, happy and sad, shocked and confused, amused and bemused, bewildered and amazed, overwhelmed and speechless, entertained and educated, but most of all humbled. We have met so many incredible people and experienced so much.

From the heart breaking Killing Fields and S21 to the awe inspiring and spiritual Angkor Wat, from the hard working Laotian villagers to teaching English to the Monks, from cycling through the beguiling Luang Prabang to sailing the majestic Mekong River, from trekking through the Thai jungle to gazing into the knowing and soulful eyes of rescued elephants, from the glitz of the Petronis Towers to the heritage artwork of Melaka, from being woken at dawn by the chanting of Monks to being woken at dawn by the call to prayer at the mosques, from deep and profound loss and grief to praying in remote Buddhist caves.

This has been an amazing journey.

We have met so many people, virtually everyone has been friendly, helpful and giving.

To my travel buddy, best friend and husband of 37 years, wow, what an adventure - so many shared experiences, we make such a great team!! Thanks for being the technology guru and Treasurer!!!!

To everyone who followed our blog - thank you for your emails and messages, we loved getting them.Mrs Wombat.

Yep what a great adventure, I could not have done this on my own, thanks to my lovely wife for being a great travel companion and sharing the wonderful adventures. We have experienced so many good times and occasionally some tough times but as we head home I know we are both now different people and have a different perspective on life. This trip was intended as a reset and it has done just that.

We are happy now to stay away from the planes trains, boats, buses and markets for a while, I have no doubt that somewhere in South East Asia will at some time will call us back, but until then, we will enjoy our great home, friends and the wonderful place we live on the sunshine coast, camping holidays for a few years to come.

Mr Wombat

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