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Going around the great barrier

Looking down on the impassable land

Owner Lori welcomes Marilyn

Chris talked about quilting and church

There was more to see than the 4 hours of park time would have given us yesterday so we chose to spend a second day at Scotts Bluff at a motel in the town of Gering/Terrytown. We returned to the National Park at 9 this morning and drove to the summit of the bluff. The road winds around the edge of the bluff and use the only auto tunnels in Nebraska, as reported to us by one of the rangers.

We weren't alone at the summit but it was very quiet. It was cool, about 76 degrees, and the haze from the wildfire was still there so we weren't able to see Chimney Rock as we had hoped but we did walk the 2 hiking trails and looked down 800 feet to see the neighborhood and golf course at the base. Being so far up we clearly saw the crevasses that hindered the emigrants traveling close to the bluff, forcing a 2-day detour. We walked about 2 hours and were thankful for our trekking poles because sections of the trails were steep.

After visiting the bluff we stopped at a yard sale because Hank wanted a hat to wear when we're in the Rockies. We're expecting temps in the 40s at night and he wants a warm head. After a successful find we headed to the 3 quilt shops in town where we picked up the patterns for the 2017 Row by Row Challenge. Our shopping completed we returned to our motel and spent the rest of the day sorting and repacking our suitcases, watching college football, playing Bubble Witch 3, preparing and eating lunch and dinner, and making reservations for future stops. Hank also walked to a nearby park by the North Platte River for photos. We had hoped to see the sunset but the fire haze made that impossible. But there'll be other opportunities further on.

We met wonderful people again today. Ranger Laurie informed Hank that the Prairie Sunflower is not invasive in NJ (according to her Audubon app), so we may gather seeds to bring home. Quilt shop owner Lori was a fountain of information, checking her internet to prepare us for shops still ahead of us. And Chris is the music director at a local church. Her good words led us to decide to worship there.

Tomorrow we'll worship at the local church and head towards our next stop. Our time on the Oregon Trail is coming to an end. We are heading towards Rocky Mountain National Park. Our campsite awaits us on Tuesday.

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