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Edelweiss restaurant - ate here first night


Shower in the kitchen







Funny signs












Dancers at folk festival







Touch his paper and you're supposed to have good news the next...




Electric fence

Bonfire at the beach

They have bus stops in the highway in the middle of nowhere

And I thought that I had fully experienced different bathroom situations. Nope. Just when I thought I had seen everything, I arrived at my hosts house in Parnu, Estonia and discovered that the shower was in the kitchen. In addition, the water closet (toilet) was quite a distance from the bedroom, outside the main door of the house in a little closet of the entry way. This was no easy task to stumble from your bed to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Having said that, my host Tiina was lovely, and the first night I was there, she called to me and offered tea. Well, I don't like tea, but she said that she made this tea herself from primroses and that it did not have that strong tea flavor. So, I accepted, and she laid out a nice little teapot and some cookies and we had a very nice chat on her living room sofa. Turns out, she's an artist and one of the little rooms in her house is her studio. She is quite talented. Saturday turned out to be a beautiful day unlike the rainy Friday so I took the bus into town and explored the city. It's very pretty and has a pedestrian only area that has shops and cafés. The beach is just a short distance and as promised, it was a white sandy beach and beautiful. I was a little concerned as I approached the beach because there was a sign that said it was the women's nude beach and to respect their privacy. It was pretty chilly and windy out so I kept going and sure enough there were no sunbathers.

There was a food festival on the street so I stopped and got a huge burger and a beer and went back to town for the free tour of the city which of course started at the tourist information office. It was quite interesting and after I killed some time I attended a cello and piano concert - also free which I found out about from, of course, the tourist info office. It was in the old Townhall and it was really quite spectacular given the free admission and only about 40 people in attendance. After, I took the bus back home and realized that the home is very close to the beach. A different beach. That particular Saturday night was what they call the night of the bonfires where historically the city residents would light huge bonfires on the beach so that sailors at sea could find their way home. This traditionally happens the last Saturday of August each year. I had considered staying in town and going to the beach but it was getting late and I was tired. But because I realized that my house was so close to the water, when I got off the bus I headed in the opposite direction and went through the woods on a path (the woods were between the residential section and the water) and saw the sand at the beach and in fact, there was loud music and I could see a bonfire burning the beach. I was blocked from going further out onto the beach by an electrical fence and was not sure why the fence was electrical and was really not sure which side of the fence I should be on. But I assumed that since there was a path from the road I was on the correct side. But I could not find an opening and it was getting very dark so I decided to turn around. Tiina took me to the bus station the next day and I headed to Riga, Latvia.

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