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September 1, 2017

We lost a day on our flight to NZ. (You didn’t miss a blog day!) We flew on a 777-300 which had a good configuration for us. There were 2 seats in economy with no seat or bulkhead in front of us. We had unlimited leg room! We are supposed to have the same seats upon return so we hope ANZ does not change the plane! Nonetheless, Bob didn’t sleep but I managed to get about 4 hours on and off over the 12 hours. We arrived at 5:30 am. Customs was no big deal but the bioscreening took almost an hour. I have never had to show the soles of my shoes before!

We took the bus to Britz and arrived a little past 8:00. An experience that we had expected. BIG pressure for insurance at no small expense. What ultimately changed our mind were the NZ liability laws which basically pit you against many uninsured motorists not to mention all of the incidental charges for dinged windowsetc. ($750). I guess we were worn down and didn’t want to be nickeled and dimed throughout the trip. W ended up with the VW solar paneled rig which we had not ordered! They assured us it was an upgrade from our Mercedes! The inside looks like MB but does not drive like one. We fussed about the tires but they assured us with insurance not a problem. What a racket and a letter to Britz! All the good it does us.

We finally left Britz for Pac and Save groceries. Not a Costco but more like a Walmart. That said, we spent $175 on food, wine and sundries with only lunch, dinner and few breakfasts to show for it!

Our Holiday Park is on the promenade in Takapuna Beach north of Auckland. Exhausted!. I couldn’t sleep so tried to organize the rig. It will take time but we are unpacked, can’t find anything but still happy! It will take a few days. Can’t imagine if we were brand new to this type of life! The camp bathrooms are a “C” and for those blog followers you know it is not great but it is in a “hip “area. Nice dishwashing area which is a rarity in the USA

We took a walk through town. Lots of sushi, Korean BBQ and salons! Lots of folks kayaking and boating too. Happening place! Hope to figure out lights, cooking etc. This rig has more cooking space, fairly good storage for clothes, bigger fridge but not as comforting as our own rig . Wish we had sleeping bags but will be experimenting with sheets, blankets and duvets, Each night we have to make up a bed. But we do have solar, chairs, table, lots of bedding etc.

Spaghetti tonight because it was easy. 2016 Sherwood Pinot!

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