Hank and Marilyn Coast to Coast 2017 travel blog

An American classic, Penny's Diner

Hank did something wrong

On the Road again

A restored gas station on the Lincoln Highway

They still exist - American Bison

God's beauty

The road goes on and on and on. It is amazing how straight it is. Small towns mean we need to slow down then resume our speed (65 mph on US 30 rather than 75 on I-80). It has been flat most of the way, but today we climbed 800 feet through hills west of Brule. And then it was flat again.

The day began with breakfast in an American classic, Penny's Diner. Shiny outside, warm and friendly inside. Good food and lots of coffee. But Hank did something wrong (short tipped the waitress maybe) and ended up in the hoosegow. Marilyn bailed him out.

Off on the Highway. In Sutherland we found a restored gas station from 1927. Further down the road we came upon a (small) herd of living Buffalo (real name American Bison). And all along the way, in small clumps or vast fields, there are what we call Prairie Sunflowers. Smaller than what we are familiar with as sunflowers, they add a beauty to our trip. The orange-yellow of the petals are a welcome contrast to the browns and greens of the landscape.

There's a lot of road work happening on Route 30 and when the road goes to one lane you don't wait for 2 or 3 minutes before you're waved through by the person holding the slow/stop sign. Here, we waited about 10 minutes, giving us time to talk to the signal man, Vincente Reyes. He has a wife and children back in his home country in Central America and any family members here in the States are not in Nebraska (he lives in Lincoln). He's visited NYC and finds it too crowded and busy. Same with San Francisco. Has lived in Nebraska for 17 years but finds that he is now considering moving "home" and starting a business with the money he's managed to save. Gee, you can learn so much in such a short time. We wished him well when finally waved on. He told us to be careful.

So tonight we are settled into Sidney, a town on the Pony Express route. Tomorrow we rejoin the Oregon Trail along the North Platte River. There we will find the famous Chimney Rock and Scotts Bluff. And two days away are the Rocky Mountains!

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