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Welcome to Kununurra

Lake Kununurra

Manky Fat Fishies

Paulie - Under a palm (he won't like that 1)

Our soul mate cock-a-too's

Our new found friend

Zebra Rock Gallery

Celebrity Tree Garden

Kununurra Look Out

Mirima National park Highlight

Strike A Pose Take 1

More Scenic Views of Kunu

Postcard pics

Strike A Pose Take 2

Bye Bye Kununurra

Lou During the Cricket

We truely had a great time in Kununurra and would have stayed longer if we could have. We stayed at the tourist camp ground right next to the sports bar in the hope that we could watch some football - life really is strange here without it. Unfortunately we ended up watching the rugby and the ashes - the great 4th test oh my god were actually interested in cricket!!!!

We visited the funky zebra rock gallery and fed some nasty fat looking fish. The cock-a-too's (pun intended) spoke up to 3 languages but our favourites had to be the sweet couple (pictured) who were soul mates being that birds mate for life. One was blind and the other had a broken wing and we got to see their new born chucks - still in their shells!!!! We befriended the dog there and had what is supposed to be the best ango smoothie in the world - not bad but have nothing to compare it to to be honest!

Mirima national park is not much to look at in the dry season but the look out gives you a great view of the area. While we were up there a Aussie couple in a vain attempt to drive their car up the cliff to the top and surprise surprise got the car stuck, some people really have trouble with the english language over here it seems hehehe:)

The funniest thing here has to be the celebrity tree garden which is basically a garden where relatively famous people have planted trees - hey the excitement mounts!!! Only in Australia would this be a tourist attraction:)

Upon winning the 4th tested Tbag proceeded to awake all of the campsite with various yee hahs - i must admit that i did fall asleep for some of it (pictured) but obviously woke up to celebrate in style:) Our neighbours were a lovely couple who were driving in the opposite direction to us. However, upon leaving they gave us gideon bibles - did not see that one coming - which of course Paul accepted gracefully!!! I think the words were sorry mate i don't believe:) We have still got them with us and so far haven't been lunch for any crocodiles so not quite sure if we want to tempt fate on this one especially as they were given in good will (pun intended).

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