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Your guess is as good as ours....

In the words of my cousin, Tracie Fisher, after a trip to France, "How many photos of red poppy fields is too many photos?" I keep hearing this phrase every time I get out the camera to take another dozen shots of something that overwhelms me with prettiness! In Southern Germany, it is definitely the stunning half-timbered houses that fill most of the villages - some dating back to 1500 and still lived in; we heard that one travels to the southern Black Forest to see the pretty villages, to the northern parts for the landscape, that pretty well sums it up! I am also taken by sculptures and fountains, as you will see, plus the interesting antique signs over shops indicating what the merchant is/was selling. We have come to realize that our 10-year old, many times dropped, Lumix camera is not what it used to be so will be shopping for a new one. This is our way of saying, "Sorry, some of the shots aren't perfect" but you get the picture!

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