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Geikie Gorge Walk

Part of the Reef

More Reef

Geikie Gorge- great name

Geikie Gorge - take 1

Geikie Gorge - take 2

Lou on a dead tree????

Geikie spot the Croc River

Mad Stormy Sky

Lou still driving***

More Funky Stormy Sky

The road over many a dry creek

Our 1st bush fire near Wyndham

The Grotto Bag

The Grotto Squeeze

The Grotto Walk Down

The Grotto Walk Down - Take 2

Just a tad hot Lou?

Grotto troll Pool

the grotty pool???

Action Shot hehehe

Postcard Grotto Pics

Welcome to Wyndham

Lou and her latest catch

My how strong you are:)

Paul's latest catch

Almost an ahhhhh bless but not quite:)

Beautiful Wyndham - hmmmmm!

Fire Danger Today - me thinks

The next day we went to Geikie Gorge all morning for a walk and a wash:)

This was a preety cool place as it is reef which used to be under water and now due to years of heat and a lack of rain you can literally walk all the way around it - avoiding the crocs of course.

Halls Creek has to be the most down trodden place we have been to date and we were desperatley in need of showers but the only things you are guaranteed which are readily available here are booze and fuel. It really is sad to see what has happened to the majority of the aboriginal people over here and all thanks to the stupid Australian government!! Anyways enough said about that.

Wyndham is famous for its crocodiles (see pic) but again is not really worth stopping over at. In saying that on the drive into Wyndham we wen to see the Grotto which is part of Parry Laggons national Park. Its as teep rock climb down but the groot is a cute little pool which real life trolls inhabit, hmmmmmmm worth a wlak though:)

We had food by the sea,, if you cna call it that and were glad when we arrived at our next night rest stop before rising early to drive to beautiful Kununurra:)

Might i add that the bag slept soundly in the back while i drove early mornings talk about luxury.

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