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We've finally escaped the Marina! the electical system is now up and running as it should so we can safely leave shore power behind. We have no idea what the problem with the inverter was, but it went away not working and came back working, even though they said they could find nothing wrong with it!!

So we left the marina around 11.15 am and spent the trip working out how everything works.

Wild life, fishing people and passing boats all contributed to the exercise!!

We arrived at Fiskerton at around 12.45 and Tony got us moored up very smartly (thrusters come in very handy!!)

Then we proceeded up the ramp to the Pub and ordered the first of many waterside pub meals.

A very nice start to our adventures.

Now we are spending a lazy afternoon lounging around reading our books. There is a 48 hour stay limit on the mooring, so we'll spend the night here and move further afield in the morning. We have to be back in the Marina on Monday for an appointment Tuesday morning. As it is Bank Holiday Monday there are quite a few boats on the river.

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