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Ok. Where did I leave off? No internet again for several days. At this rate I will finish my journal when I am back in Colorado.

After our quick trip through Vancouver Island we took the ferry back to Vancouver. My sister and her hubby had a half a day to spend in Vancouver before catching their flight back to Chicago. We were staying in North Vancouver near the Capilano Park and Grouse Mountain. They choose to take the Grouse Mountain Skyride which is a tramway that ascends 2800ft up Grouse Mountain. The top of the mountain is supposed to have spectacular views of Vancouver and the surrounding mountains. Due to the wildfires in BC there was no such view. We did see two grizzly bears that were rescued as infants and some fantastic wood carvings.

Said goodbye to Val and Bob around noon. Ken, Judy, Steve and I decided to take a bus to downtown Vancouver. We rode the tourist trolley all around the city as well as Stanley Park. It was one of the best city tours we have taken. We learned so much about the area and saw way more than we could have on our own.

The next day Ken, Steve and I went to Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. This was on my definate "to do" list. The bridge is 450 ft long, about 3 ft wide and 230 ft above the river canyon. We were there when it first opened so there were only a few of us crossing the bridge that early. The bridge started to sway after our first few steps. It swayed more as we reached the middle. I was looking down at the river between my feet and over the sides. I thought you would be walking on netting but the base was wood planks. Darn! It was quite an experience. The trip back across several hours later was worse. There were two lines of people going both directions the entire length of the bride. The line to cross the bridge was at most 100 people. So glad we were early.

The park had two other very fun features. One was the Treetop Adventure and the other was the Cliffwalk. If anyone ever played the old, old computer game called Myst then you will relate to this feature. They constructed a squirrel walk for humans in the treetops. It had a unique series of cable bridges suspended between platforms attached to the gigantic trees growing in the rain forest. I really did feel like a squirrel scampering high in the trees.

The cliffwalk is an oval walkway taking you out 20 feet from the cliff overlooking the river valley. It is about as wide as the bridge but solid construction so it doesn't sway. I don't recommend this park if you don't like high places.

The next day we said goodbye to my brother and his girlfriend. Steve and I took a bus from Vancouver back to Ferndale and our RV. As I said in a previous log, it ain't over yet. Steve and I are continuing our adventure through BC and Alberta in the RV. I will keep posting when I can.

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